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Barrel length:120mm/4,8inch
Mag. Capacity:19 rounds
Standard Mag.:16089 Hop Up Type:None
Energy:3,3 Joule

Steyr M9-A1

  • Details

    A semi automatic airgun version of the latest Steyr Mannlicher pistol – the M9-A1. All black with authentic markings. One of the hardest shooting airguns. The ergonomic grip has been designed in a 111 degree angle to improve ergonomics. Rear fiber optic sight and waiver accessory rail makes this pistol very comfortable and with the opportunity to mount laser and flashlight. The 19 BB’s are stored in the drop-out magazine and the 12g CO2 cartridge is placed in the easyload grip and is easily changed.

    Accessory rail.
    Illuminated rear sight.
    Ergonomic grip design.

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