1.3 joules

M60E4 Mk43 Commando

  • This is the Commando version of the U.S. Ordnance licensed M60E4/Mk43. This version has the same great features and performance as the standard M60E4/Mk43 (item 16989). This version however, has a front rail so you can customize your supportweapon to individually suit your needs. The M60E4/ Mk43 Commando comes with a fully functional bipod, adjustable Hop-up system, 4000 BB magazine and a 7.62 dummy cartridge belt.

    Ref. 17038 – Feed cover with metal rail for the M60E4/Mk43 series. Then you can mount your preferred aiming device, if the iron sight isn’t enough.
    Ref. 17037 – Complete gearbox

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