1.5 joules

Accuracy International, AW .338 - sniper COMPLET

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    The Accuracy International AW. 338 sniper is known for its many appearances in blockbuster movies and popular computer games like Counter- Strike. It has seen service in several military units all over the world. This AW .338 Spring version has a very consistent power and there are many upgrade parts available. It come with a foldable stock and adjustable cheek rest. Furthermore the rear of the stock has a mono-pod that acts as an improved shooting platform. The sniper rifle has a nylon fiber body and CNC made metal parts and barrel – The details that has gone into the making of this rifle makes it an extremely realistic replica and a true one-of-a-kind Airsoft replica. Included are scope mounts and a quick release bipod. The black version is the standard but both desert and green frame and stock shells are available – giving you the oppotunity to change your AW.338 sniper rifle to suit the playing conditions.” – Scope not included.

    This Proline replica of the AI AW .338 is also available as a gas/Co2 version (ref. 16163).