New cycling system with new is still fashionable side lever,traditional rear bolt and uniquely-styled side bolt action in a delightful compact carbine format with perfect balance.

Monster premium

  • TYPE Precharged Pneumatic

    AIR CAPACITY 800cc(Al cylinder)

    ACTION&COCKING Side lever multi-shots,10-shot magazine

    CALIBRE 0.177",0.22",0.22",0.25",0.357"

    CHARGING Quick-disconnect fitting

    MAX.FILL PRESSURE 200 BAR(2,900 p.s.i)

    USABLE SHOT/CHARGE 100~110 shots

    TRIGGER Two-stage,adjustable for let-off and position

    SAFETY CATCH Manual,resettable

    BARREL LENGTH 19,76"(520mm)

    OVERALL LENGTH 40.16"(1020mm)

    WEIGHT 3.9kg

    STOCK Thumbhole in black/walnut with adjustable butt pad

    OPTION Angled down butt or straight down butt

    MAGAZINE 10 shots

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