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1.4 joules

LMT Defender R.I.S.

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    We are proud to introduce the Next Generation in Airsoft.
    The Next Generation Proline has been developed to meet the requirements of experienced airsoft users. By using enhanced parts, redesigned outer components and high-quality internals the Next Generation Proline series will impress with its built quality, accuracy and upgrade-ability.

    Proline LMT Defender R.I.S. with realistic bolt catch release function.
    An ideal tactical Airsoft carbine with many options for mounting a multitude of tactical accessories.
    In this Proline AEG, the front barrel, flash suppressor, quad front rail, as well as upper and lower receiver is made of metal, with authentic markings fully licensed by Lewis Machine & Tool co. A picatinny style top rail on the upper receiver allows for mounting of optical aiming devices.
    Pulling the charging handle opens the dust cover while pulling back and locking the simulated bolt to reveal the adjustable hop-up dial, to release the bolt, press the bolt release just like on the real weapon.
    It features a removable top handle with integrated metal sights, fully adjustable for windage and elevation.
    The battery can be housed in the 6-position collapsible SOPMOD stock made from heavy-duty polymer.

    The gearbox is designed to be compatible with ULTIMATE upgrade parts for easy custom modifications.
    Included is a detachable vertical front grip and the innovative 360rd. Hi-cap Flash magazine, its spring is wound up by a pull-cord in mere seconds, getting you into the action in a flash.

    Be sure to check out the detailed info sheet here or at your local dealer.
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