Kral Arms




4.5 mm / .177, 5.5 mm / .22, 6.35 mm / .25

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Kral Arms is Turkish manufacturer of shotguns and airguns. These guns are produced with the highest level of technology combined with traditional handcraft.

The Puncher Pro Walnut is a powerful multi-shot PCP air rifle with a side lever cocking system. The power can be adjusted on the side of the breech with a power wheel. The beautifully carved stock is made of Turkish Walnut wood and is for right handed shooters.

The mounting rail is suitable for dovetail (11mm ) mounts and weaver mounts (22 mm). The barrel has 1/2 UNF thread so it can be equipped with a silencer. The trigger has 2-stages and is adjustable.

Kral Arms Puncher Pro