Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 375 fps (1.30 Joule)
The mentioned value has been measured by ourselves and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% or more are possible.

The G36C by Ares is a very robust and faithfully reconstructed AEG with an advantageous price-quality ratio. Just like the real G36 series, this replica mainly consists of polymer, and all internals (gearbox, gears, barrel etc.) are made of metal. This model includes a blow-back mechanism, which can, contrary to the majority of blow-back AEGs, actually be called a blow-back, as it is far more realistic. The stock can be folded, so that your weapon can be transported more easily and discretely, but mainly so that you can use in CQB scenarios.

G36C Blowback Ares

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