Designed to be a ‘supergun’ amongst sporting air rifles, the Air Ranger and its extra-high power stablemate, the Air Ranger Xtreme bring a whole new dimension to mechanically-driven PCPs. Now you can shoot well beyond your normal limits.

Capable of muzzle energies from 12 ft/lbs, High Power versions can be factory set up to 60-plus ft/lbs in .22 calibre and an awesome 80 ft/lbs in .25 (Air Ranger Xtreme), Daystate is able to present a new breed of highly accurate pneumatic for the hunter; one that delivers extreme power that’s unrivalled by any other air rifle, and which allows you to shoot at ranges normally associated with smallbore firearms.

The Air Ranger’s 400cc (12 ft/lbs version) or 500cc fixed power source combines with the high efficiency of the Slingshot hammer and valve system to return a vast number of shots per quick-fill charge, making the Air Ranger all the airgun you will ever need.

It sports all the features that have become the hallmark of Daystate’s PCP rifles - bolt-action loading, the low-profile 10-shot auto-indexing magazine, an on-board air gauge, a fail-safe rotary safety catch and fully-adjustable trigger that gives a superbly crisp let-off, even at the highest power.

But despite the Air Ranger being a first choice as the ultimate hunting rifle, the designers have been able to created in the Air Ranger much of the beauty and style of the finest sporting air rifles. Dressed in the finest walnut thumbhole stock (crafted in Italy by Minelli), it’s adorned by an ambidextrous cheek-piece and classy capped grip - a perfect handle for harnessing the rifle’s performance and affording you a level of long-distance accuracy that takes your breath away.

Air ranger cal .22 -- 54 Joules